The American Leather Sleeper Sofa

As I talk with customers in the store, or attend craft shows or peruse Pinterest and Etsy I am awed by the number of people who are passionate about a hobby… or several! I think many of you have noticed one of mine (since it’s displayed in the store)… I make jewelry out of recycled materials. I started for my own selfish reasons… I wanted jewelry to exact match some outfits of mine. Then my friends and family all wanted one and Hope Designs was born. The problem is… I had zero space in my house to handle my growing hobby. I also did not have a guest room. I had a spare room but I hated to waste that space on a bed that would get slept in a few times a year. An air mattress is too temporary, and sleeper sofas are… well you’ve heard or experienced the horror stories. I thought a fold down Murphy bed might be the only option… yet those are expensive and difficult to move to a new house.

So what is the perfect solution? We discovered it on our 1st buying trip to High Point, NC over two years ago. The American Leather Comfort Sleeper. We never intended to carry sleeper sofas. They’re heavy, they’re uncomfortable, there are plenty of other places to get one. Until we literally stumbled upon the American Leather showroom by mistake. The line was founded by a couple of engineers, they wanted to re-engineer the upholstery business. As we wandered around the showroom we could tell they had succeeded. Memory foam encased down sofa cushions? Yes please! But when we got to the Comfort Sleepers were we amazed. They eliminated the uncomfortable bar in the middle, they got rid of the sharp mechanics on the side where you scratch your legs getting in and out of bed. That hole that your pillow gets sucked into in the middle of the night? Completely gone. Which also means that their sofa beds take up less floor space because there is no wasted space. The bed itself is high-grade foam. It can be upgraded to memory foam or a gel mattress if you like. These sofa beds are AMAZING. And you can get a full King or Queen bed size. They even have a twin or cot that fold out from chairs. I know this may be coming across as a sales pitch but I was just so excited about what this could mean for the average house that just doesn’t have enough space. Plus my favorite part of running a furniture store is discovering products I am passionate about. We only sell things we would put in our own homes.

Think about it… you have a house or condo that has one (maybe two if you’re lucky) spare rooms. If it’s just you living there then you might not be as desperate for this product. But what if it’s two people each with their own hobby, and if there are kids… suddenly space is a hot commodity. You could buy a bigger house or you could turn that guest room into a multi-use room. I see no reason why guests who visit only a few times a year get a whole room to themselves in your house. Really… why?? Who came up with this ridiculousness idea in the first place? So I say… take back your guest room. Buy an American Leather Sleeper. You’ll have a cozy spot to sit while you work on your hobbies and they’ll have a bed that is actually comfortable.

A few more suggestions to make this room even more multi-use. Instead of a coffee table… place two storage cube ottomans. Some even come on wheels. You can store the bed linens for the sleeper inside of them and roll them out of the way when it’s time to open up the bed. The top of these ottomans flip over to be a tray for a place to set your drink. Perhaps you don’t have a spare room but a downstairs rec room instead and you need a large sectional. The sleepers also come as L-shaped sectionals. One half of the sectional folds out and in a pinch you can even sleep someone on the sofa part of the other half.

Finally… the sale I mentioned. American Leather is a strict company when it comes to pricing. We aren’t allowed to sell our Comfort Sleepers below a certain price… and they aren’t inexpensive. However I also don’t think they are expensive when you think about what you are getting… a whole extra room in your house. But once a year American Leather lets us put these sleepers on sale and sell below that fixed price. We will sell them the entire month of September at the LOWEST price we are allowed to sell them. They have a bunch of great fabric or leather options as well as several sofa styles. We also have a Comfort Sleeper on the sales floor that we would LOVE to show you how it works… and let you see for yourself how easy to open and close it is and how comfortable. So please come in, ask questions and then come back in September for the sale. You’ll have your Comfort Sleeper in time for the holidays.

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